Ok so here is part two of a previous post that was totally stuffed when opened in IE….again sorry about that but I will make sure from now on I post/blog in IE. 

This first LO was done at the Scrap Happy retreat as well. It was one of Kerrin’s classes. I really love K’s work and think that all her LO’s are divine but I just can’t scrap like her. It really does my head in to see all the “white” space so I added my own touches to this as well and now it feels more like my own LO as well.

The second LO was done as part of the last Aussie Dare which was to use a coffee filter on your page. My big flower is made out of a coffee filter. I cut the filter into the petal shapes, wet it then painted it with orange paint (thanks Jill) then I dipped it in water again to wash some of the paint off. I am really happy with the results of this process. The page is in dedication to making new friends, since moving I have found it hard not having the familiarity with people that I have with my friends in Brisbane but I need to look on the bright side of things and be thankful for the people I have met up here so far. Kim is one of these people and I am so grateful for her friendship and understanding. And finally my LO for this fortnights Aussie Dare. The topic/theme was focus. I really really struggled with this at first then I searched for some inspiration and found the most fab quote. So my LO kind of ended up being focused around that The Quote reads:Talent does not have to mean you paint masterpieces; talent can be found in much more than that. Caring for others is a talent; teaching is a talent; making people feel welcome is a talent; solving problems is a talent and being patient is a talent. Don’t underestimate your own talents, try not to compare your talents to others. Focus on what you can do, accept the talents you have, that is where the fulfilment is, in your talents and nobody else’s.As a scrapper I constantly compare myself to others and think and say that I am not as good as them so this quote really spoke to me….I need to accept that I am a talented scrapbooker and that just because I don’t really scrap like anyone else it does not mean that I am no good. (Such powerful stuff) I am loving Aussie Dares for giving me such fantastic inspiration.