OMG I was looking at my blog on a different computer today, and they use internet explorer where we use firefox…no real difference really just a different web browser. But when I logged on to show some on something I discovered although my blog looks fine in Firefox it looks bloody horrible in IE so I have come back to post some stuff again and from now on I will just do my posts in IE….sorry about that everyone.

 First two photos are of the “absolutely perfect file” we did with Ngarie

at the Scrap Happy retreat. It was so much fun and really quite simple and it is sooooo cool to have something this pretty to store my current mags in.

The cover of my journal was done in a Michelle Grant sketching class. It was the coolest class as I discovered I do have some doodling talent after all. Michelle is such a fantastic doodler and it was so great of her to share her talent with us. I was very inspired and so happy with the results of this class.