Ok so I have a question to pose. It came about after looking at some peoples work nobody in particular but I can see influence and inspiration in their LO’s from some famous and not so famous scrappers. I myself have been really inspired by Elise’s stuff lately and I created a Aussie Scrap Source EDM LO yesterday that was influenced a lot by her. Now my question for you is do you think that if you know you have drawn inspiration from a particular designer or LO should you give that person some credit for it?

Now for my take on the subject (I do hope it does not influence anyone elses opinions):

  • As I mentioned earlier I do draw inspiration from other scrappers and I’m not ashamed to say that.
  • I have to also say that alot of my work is my own and original ideas.
  • When I do draw inspiration from other scrappers I do credit them.
  • Now I don’t scrap lift but that is a whole different issue and topic.
  • It does get up my nose when I see scrappers post LO’s that are exactly like the ones in idea books or mags and claim them as their own ideas by not crediting the designer in the slightest for the inspiration that the they gave them.

Well that’s my rant and my point of view but what do you think…please share with me and don’t be afraid to disagree as I am an open person and know that my view is not going to be everyone elses

Edited (24/8/06):

Just wanted to clarify a few things about my above “rant”. I don’t think I was quite clear about a couple of things.  I guess this post really was about scraplifting of sorts as we all draw inspiration from other artists all the time and turn their ideas into our own by adding our own flavour.

This post came about because I have just seen a few LO’s around lately that are I guess what you would call a scraplift of sorts as it ends up exactly like for example an Elsie LO just using different papers. NOT at all am I talking about crediting someone for inspiration when the LO turns out completely differently.

I do hope this makes more sense now.