Ok so had a funny kind of day today. I am out of work this week so I contacted the relief agency for Mackay and let her know that I was available this week. So yesterday she had work for me but I missed the call and today I get a call at about 7:45 asking if I wanted work today. Of course I said yes but there was one catch…..I had to be the French teacher for the day. I quickly let her know I could not speak French so I could not teach French and that was fine. So today I was the French teacher who could not speak French therefor did not teach French. I had an ok day. It was a little hectic as I only had each class for 30mins each which does not give you a whole lot of time to build relationships with the kids and they were grades 6 and 7 so there was a bit of attitude. I do really like having my own class though and do understand now why relief teachers get paid so much money. Not sure if I’ll have work tomorrow and I wont find out until the morning but time will tell.

I had Monday off and ran some errands. When I came home in the afternoon our flat mate Cam pointed out that I had a huge dint in the side of my car. I did not believe him at first as he is a bit of a joker but yes the dint was there and it was HUGE. It turns out that while I was out and about someone had kindly opened thier driver side door onto my front passenger door quite forcefully and pushed the whole panel in. These “lovely” people did not leave a note or anything so now I have to wear the cost of repairs…You have so got to love some peoples compassion….I do hope they get 4 flat tires all at once!

In other news I have been enjoying some quite scrapping on my own lately. It is so good to have my own space where I can make a mess and not worry about it. Hope (SAM) sent me some DT stuff from CHA and I’m having so much fun working with it…accutally should be doing it now but will go and play in a moment. The stuff that I have seen that is coming from CHA is just unreal and I have already placed my first order…can’t wait for it to hit our shores. I am also really excited about next weekend…Scrap Happy are having thier retreat and Kerrin and Nigarie are coming up. It is going to be so great to see them both again and do all the classes all the girls have planned….I have had a sneeky peek at some of the product and OMG yummmo.