Jilly and I have decided to do a Friday night challenge every Friday starting tonight. We are so far apart now and we do miss our Friday nights together so we are hoping this might bring a bit of sparkle to our Friday nights since we cant be together anymore. This week we decided to do the Aussie Dares Teesha Moore challengeand this is my very poor attempt at doing her style. I do like this LO and it really was a stretch for me but don’t think it’s that “Teeshary” IYKWIM. I decided to for this LO to focus on the text. Teesha seems to put alot of text/quotes on her LO’s so I found this great one on Two Peas and went from there. I think it’s a mix between Teesha and Elsie, but as I said before I’m happy with it and had alot of fun with it as well.

The quote reads:

Be good to you…Be yourself truthfully…Accept yourslef gratefully..Value yourself joyfully…Forgive yourself completely…Treat yourself generously…Balnace yourself harmoniously…Bless yourself abundantly…Trust yourself confidently…Love yourself wholeheartedly…Empower yourself prayerfully…Give yourself enthusiastically…Express yourself raidantly.