Ok so first things first, I have finally gotten my act together and have a LO to share with you. I really love the Aussie Dares blog and was inspired by their last challenge which was to scrap a LO with the title beginning with “How Dare You”. I really loved the idea but could not think of anything to do until a few days ago when I was having a really bad time coming to terms with the changes in my weight. I have now as of Thursday night lost 17.9kg close enough to 18 t0 call it that, which is a great achievement and I only have about 7kg to go until I hit the top of my healthy weight range, but lately the loosing part has become difficult. It’s not happening as quickly as I would like it to and I put on 1.1kg 2 weeks ago and was so mad at myself. I am also struggling with the fact that I look different I mentally sometimes I still feel like I have that  17.9kg on my body which is just insane and that’s the reason I created this LO. This is my reality check and when ever I feel down about my weight I am going to go and look at the LO so I can just snap out of it.

Now for some exciting news. I have been scrapping at Scrap Happy alot latley, the girls there (Kim and Ray) are just awesome and I love them to bits. They really have been a saving grace when it comes to my feelings of loneliness as I know there is always a class or crop I can go too to have some adult company when Wyatt’s at work or sleeping. Well I have been chatting to them for a while about this and am so excited to say that I am going to teach for them. My first class is on Wednesday night and I’m so excited about it. I have never done anything like this before so it should be fun but I am a little scared as well.

In other news you’ll be happy to know that my A-Z has been returned safely to it’s rightful home. I was so excited to get it back safe and sound.

Here is my 3rd EDM for Aussie. Having so much fun doing these. This one is a LO of the new addition to our family sweet baby Ezekiel.