Ok so I was talking to Jill last night on the phone and she got up me because I have not blogged in a while. So my darling this one is for you.

Thanks to the girls who commented on my Moving Can Be… post. Boy was I in a bad place that day. I am surprised about how I feel about the move sometimes. I really did not think that it would be this hard but when I think about it I was kidding myself thinking that it would be easy as I have so many great friends in Brisbane that I should have come to terms with the fact that I was going to miss them sooooooooo much, and believe me I do.

I guess I have not blogged for a while as I have been really busy which is good cause it takes my mind off being a little lonely. I have had some deadlines to meet and am back working full time. Well I’m on a full time contract anyway at the moment so between that and trying to fit time in for all the other stuff I just have not found the time to sit down and put together a post.

Work is good at the moment. I am at a school called  Glenella State School and it is a great school. Quite small, only one class for each grade and I am in grade 1. I am loving this so much. I have never really taught any other grade except grade 4/5 so the change is just so great. Plus I have a student teacher with me who is teaching full time so I’m not really having to do that much prep work.

I went to a class tonight at Scrap Happy and that was great. The boys are in Townsville at the moment and have been since Monday but they are back tomorrow. So I thought for a bit of company and to meet some new people I would go out there and scrap a little. It was good. I did my own thing which was cool but still got to chat and talk to the girls that were there scrapping. I have a crop there on Friday night from 5 till 11 so I’m excited about that as well.

Not much else to report really but I promise to blog again real soon.