Ok so last time I blogged I was by all accounts a little down, thankyou Jill, Ang and Lusi for your kind words they did make me smile. I am after a week of work feeling pretty good about things. I just need to put myself out there and meet people and being at work I have got to meet some lovely people. The hardest part though is I was only there for 1 week so having finished that contract now I have to move on. I start at another school on Monday and this contract is for 3 weeks so I should have more time to meet people and maybe even form some friendships.

Wyatt has been away for the past few days in Brisbane. He had some time of work and went down to meet our beautiful nephew Zeke. I have missed him heaps but so glad he had the time to go down and spend some time with his sister and the new bub. He is back tonight so can’t wait to see him and we have a few days on our own now cause Cam (our house mate) is heading back to Brissy for the weekend. That being said both boys are away for 3-4 days next week for training in Townsville so I’ll be here all by myself for a few days. I don’t really like being on my own but I’ll survive guess I’ll just have to scrap heaps…not that that’s ever a problem LOL.

Working hard at the moment on my SAM newsletter contributions. Have one LO finished and another one well on the way. Have tried a few different things with these and am really happy with the results so make sure you check out the newsletter when it’s out.

OMG can’t wait for CHA stuff to hit Australia. Such beautiful stuff coming out. Love all the chipboard I’ve seen and Heidi’s Iron Ons look really cool as well. Thank goodness I’m working.

Second EDM Layout is up and here it is: