1. Stressful
  2. Hard
  3. Sad
  4. Confusing
  5. Lonely

So I guess you can tell that I’m feeling a little lost at the moment. I have work and started today and everyone was great but it just does not feel the same. I know no one and it’s a little daunting knowing that I’m only going to be at this school 1 week then I have to go somewhere different.  I know we made this choice and I know I have to live with it and I know that it will get better but I have had a very different day and it’s all a little daunting.

Have not been able to spend much time with Wyatt either which is difficult because I’m so used to having him around but he’s been on a 10pm to 6am shift so when I’m up hes sleeping and when I’m sleeping he’s at work. I know I’ll adjust but just finding it hard at the moment but having a hobby is helping because I’m not sitting around twiddling my thumbs I am scrapping. Have finished so many pages in the past week and feel really good about them all.

Took my first ever class on Saturday. How funny is that I have been scrapping for 4yrs now and I have not once done a class. I like to do my own thing so I have always stayed clear of them because I’m afraid I’ll have to do what someone tells me. But I bit the bullet as I needed some human interaction (to much time spent with the dogs) and I went to ScrapHappy for a class. I learnt how to use opals having never used them before and now I’m in love with them and want them…not likely anytime soon after the stash I just recieved.

Anyway I better go as I have to hit the sheets soon as I have work and children tomorrow. Will let you know how it all goes soon.

Thanks for Reading