Today has been a good day overall. As I have mentioned before I am really loving it up here especially my daily walks at the beach with the dogs. They really do love it there. The only downfall is that I’m feeling really isolated. I have not really met anyone yet. I know a few people but I really miss my friends back in Brisbane. I guess I’m just having one of those moments and because I’m not working yet (back to it next week) I just feel a little lost at the moment.

Not sure what is going on with my links at the moment as they have just disappeard of my page. I did nothing and have tried to fix it but nothing worked. I’m now hoping that it’s not me and that it is a problem with the software and it will be fixed soon. I have however found a new feature with this site, I have discovered how to change my header as you have probably already noticed. Am going to have a play with it and use some brushes in Elements and see what I can come up with.

In other news, my first layout for Aussie Scrap Source is up and I’m so excited about it. Really happy with the way it looks and excited to be working with so many talented scrappers on the EDM album. I have finished my first four layouts under the theme Family and am shortly going to start on the second theme. I am also waiting in anticipation for my A-Z prize. I read on Sara’s blog today that her’s has arried and Cheryl from ASS e-mailed me and asked if I had got mine yet so it’s on it’s way. Fingers crossed I get it tomorrow although things do move more slowly up here so I might just have to wait until Monday. Was just thinking as well, Sara said the box she recieved weighed 18.5kg well how fitting is it that I have now lost that much weight…what a pay off a box of scrapbooking supplies that weighs as much as I have lost.

I finished a LO just for fun today but not going to show anyone as I want to keep all of my just because LO’s for the For Keeps Elite Team Contest and Awards. Not expecting to get on Elite Team but would be happy to get and award or even come close to one.