Be warned this is going to be a long post!!!!

So I have been scrapping up a storm in my new space and loving it. Wyatt bought me a table for the garage and I have set myself up in there as it is the only space left in the house. I don’t mind though as it is a really good space. I even went and bought myself a little stero so I can listen to music and not disturb the boys when their on sift work.

Before I left Brisbane I has one last crop night with the SAM DT girls, while there Hope asked me to use two Making Memories Kids packs that she has in stock. One was the Max range and the other the Emma. I was really unsure at first what I was going to do but I love a challenge and love working with product that I would not usually choose for myself so I just had to give it a go and this is what I came up with.

I’m accutally really surprised by the results and love the LO alot. The packs are well worth it as they have 4 sheets of patterned paper and 2 sheets of plain paper plus 3 buttons 3 tags, a sheet of letter stickers and two different types of ribbon. I also used the set of matching ribbons for each range. You can purchase the packs and the sets of ribbons from the SAM store. Both LO are of my beautiful and very new nephew Zeke, I just love him to bits and miss him so much. He is my main subject for scrapping at the moment and I’m really enjoying doing some baby/kid pages for a change.

In other news the first Everyday Moments (EDM) Lo’s will be going up soon on the Aussie Scrap Source blog so watch for them. I am really excited about this and still can’t believe that I am doing LO’s for them and are part of thier design team for this comp…really am pinching myself but sooooooo grateful for this opportunity.

I finally got my hands on FK and am really happy with the LO’s they published. I was unsure about the Stanthorpe one but it turned out great and everybodies LO’s in the A-Z section look fantastic and were well deserved of being published. I am currently uploading my A-Z in my gallery at SAM so be sure to take a peek. I’m only going to do 4 a day as I don’t want to over run the gallery with the whole gallery at once.

Ok so I was tagged a long time ago by my dear friend Jil and I promised that when things got back to normal I would answer that tag so here it goes:

I AM: So happy to be back with my husband again                                                       I WANT: to scrap more and have to work less                                                               I HATE: people who can’t be happy for your successes                                                                                                                         I MISS: Jill and Stacey, Josh and baby Zeke

I FEAR: the dark
I HEAR: music from my Ipod

I WONDER: what the next year will bring
I REGRET: nothing right now
I AM NOT: sad about having to move
I DANCE: when I’m alone and no one is watching
I SING: all the time I just love music

I CRY: alot I’m a very emotional person
I AM NOT ALWAYS: in a good mood but who is
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: whatever I want to

I WRITE: from the heart

I CONFUSE: wants and needs

I NEED: to find a permanent job

I SHOULD: really be scrapbooking I have a deadline to meet

I START: projects and cant move on until there finished

I FINISH: projects before I start new one

Ok so now that’s done I tag Manola and Lusi…have fun girls.