Ok so here I am at the airport again waiting for my plane but this time I'm early instead of the plane being late cause Wyatt had to start work at 2pm today. So I offically have 46cents of credit left and 4 mins and 20 sec to write this post…will be a short one and the last one i do again for a while but I should have the net in 2 weeks or there abouts.

Weekend was great. It was wonderful to see Wyatt as you could imagine and we had a busy but fun time together. I helped with a little unpacking and we have decided to have a garage sale and filled 6 boxes with unwanted stuff…Ive never had a garage sale before so it should be fun. The wather was a bit yucky and Wyatt is blaming me for bringing the cold with me as he thinks that today is the coldest it's been since he moved here and I would have to agree that it is pretty cool. They have had some rain and clouds so that has kept the sun out.  We went to Bunnings and bought me a table so I have started to set up my own space and can't wait to get up here and use it.