Well here I am at the airport paying for time on a computer because my flight to Mackay has been delayed by an hour….I have been waiting 3 weeks to be able to see Wyatt and now I'm at the airport and I have to wait even longer now….life is just so cruel sometimes…but not long now and I can't wait to see him.

 This year has just been so huge so far. I hope it slows down soon cause I don't think I can take much more. Since I last blogged so much has happend so let me fill you in a little. Stacey (Wyatt's little sister) had her baby on Wednesday night. I got to be there through the birth which was really cool and despite it being a bit yucky it has not turned me off at all accutally it has done exactly the opposite. Now I want one more than ever. He is just so beautiful, his name is Zek for short and his full name I cant spell yet so we will leave that for another post. He will always be Zek to me anyway. He was 7lb 9oz which is 3.5kg so he was a good size. He has a huge head full of hair and it is pitch black at the moment. Stacey is slowly settling in to being a mum but she's not home yet. She is well and got through the birth realitvely unscaved so that's good.

I had some really good news the other day. A while ago at school our principal announced that Education Queensland was running the My Favourite Teacher comp again. Students were asked to nominate there favourite teacher and in 25 words or less describe why they were so great. Well it turns out that I won…cool hey. The comp was not judged by the amount of entires you got but on the caliber of the entries. I had my photo taken and it was put in the paper and I also had an article written about me. I feel wonderful about this experience as I always wanted to be that teacher to some one and now I kind of feel like I am which is a pretty good feeling. Another bonus to this is that I got a phone call this afternoon from the lady who organises people for contracts in Mackay and I have a contract for two weeks starting in the second week of term 3 in grade 1. I e-mailed her today and told her that I had won and truly believe that the only reason that I got this contract is because of me winning this comp.

 I feel really positive about life at the moment and things really could not be going better. We have had our little hickups since Wyatt moved but generally everything is great and this year has just been amazing so far and am really exicted about what it holds for me for the remaining 6 mths.

Have not been doing much scrapping lately as I have parent teacher interviews at the moment and just so buggered when I get home I don't want to do anything. Have taken some really great photos lately and cant wait to print and scrap them but hopefull I will get back into it really soon.

Ok I'm going to sign off now not sure when I'll be able to blog again but should have the internet connected early next month.