When I think back to Wednesday night all I can think off is that I over reacted to some not so good news about the move. It turns out that even though the removalists are coming to take all our stuff next Friday the 19th it is not arriving in Mackay unitl Tuesday the 23rd. So there is no use me going up with Wyatt like we had planned. Well let me tell you I was an absolute mess. Wyatt was at work until late (10pm) so there was no one home to calm me down and so I let go. I think I cried for about 30mins and I truly think I had a moment of despair over everything that is about to happen to us. I guess it all comes down to he gets to go and start a new life with all our things and animals and I have to stay behind with just my clothes and some scrapping stuff. I thought of the time I was going up there as a time that I could get used to the idea of being without him and all the other things but now because of the stupid removalists that has been taken away. A big thankyou to Jill who talked to me for a while and calmed me down over the phone a friend like you is just so rare. Now in a new light I am ok still not really happy about the whole situation but there is nothing I can do about it and we just have to live with it. I think I may be going up when Wyatt has his rest days to spend some time with him so the separation is not as long.

 On a happier note because I'm not going up I get to go and help at ISC! So I will be there on Saturday and Sunday helping in the classes and am really excited about that and hopefully I'll get to see some familiar faces and met some more new people.

I also have had my first LO's published in SC and that is just so exciting. I feel like I have been waiting forever for them to come out and they are some that I did so long ago. It is just such a long process from when they get accepted till when you see them in the LO's.

I read on SAM that the A-Z winners have been notified and I know nothing so I guess that means I did not win. I don't really care though as I am just so happy with my album and honestly love every LO which is rare since there are so many of them. 

Got some new product so that has made this week easier to deal with as well as new product makes me happy! I'm also off to Amy's Charity Scrapbook Day tomorrow so that should be fun and I think I'll be packing on Sunday but I will be scrapping tonight at Jill's, think I'll be working on my next DT project and maybe a LO.