As all of you would be well aware I am moving to Mackay really soon to be with my husband who starts work up there on the 25th of May. It is a little scary moving to a completly new place and starting again especially since I am surrounded by such georgous and lovely people (you know who you are!) here in Brisbane but this move is happening wether I like it or not so being the sort of person that I am last weekend while in Mackay looking for a place to live I stopped into one of their two local scrapping stores. I was a little nervous at first about going in and introudcing myself to them but I was pleasently suprised. I first met Kim who seemed genunely happy to meet me even though she did not have a clue who I was. I had a walk around the shop and a chat with here but I had Wyatt with me and we had, had a huge day so I just left it at that. The next day after looking at houses in the morning I dropped Wyatt back at the hotel and went back to the shop which is when I met Ray and another lady whose name escapes me now (I'm so sorry). 

Well after meeting these three ladies all my worries( well not all but at least the scrapping worries) about moving to Mackay have since gone. They were so warm and friendly and invited me in to have a cuppa with them. The girls had a class and crop going on at the same time but they made me feel like they had all the time in the world for me. It's not often that you meet people like this and I can't wait to move now so I can get to know them better and scrap with them. Ray & Kim own a business called Scrap Happy in Mackay and they have just launched a web site  I believe they have great things planned for this site so be sure to drop in and have a look round if you have a chance.

Onto the other stuff.

The move is coming up so quick now. Can you believe that Wyatt only has one full week left then next week he has 3 days as he graduates on Wednesday the 17th. I am so proud of him and think I will either be crying or screaming at his graduation. 

Because of the move I have had to change my e-mail address as we are going to have to change internet providers so my new address is 

We now only have 3 puppies left. We sold 3 today and gave one to my sister-in-law and her husband.