Well I'll start with the good news first. We have a house!!! Yes that's right we have a place to live in Mackay. I'm so excited and relieved. We got approved today the only bummer is that we have to start paying rent now even though we don't move in until the 20th, but we will get over that as the market it so full on up there at the moment we had to take it now otherwise we would have lost it. It is a new four bedroom house with ensuite and 2nd bathroom. As we are sharing with another guy I have to set up my scrap stuff in the garage as we don't have enough room in the house but at least I'll have my own space as the boy's both ride motor bikes so I can have 1/2 the garage as we will only have the RAV and the two bikes. 

Now for the bad news. I got a phone call tonight asking me to come to the ISC which I can not afford to go to and help out with the classes. I would only have to pay for accommodation and meals but would be paid for helping in the classes. Great you say…that's not bad news at all. Well it just happens to fall on the weekend that Wyatt is moving up to Mackay and I am going up with him as well to help set up etc. So I can't go. Well I can go and he has said it but I just feel that this is a little more important. I mean scrapbooking takes up so much of my life already I just can't give into it this time.

Ok so this is a LO I did for the SAM May Scrap-a-Pack. The pack was themed birthday so I uses some photos I took at Wyatt's birthday in March. Not to sure if I like it but it is growing on me….a bit funky and bright never hurt any one.