Well we are back safe and sound from Mackay and what a trip it was. I experienced a whole range of emotions while there and will try to paint you a picture of what it was like through this post.

Friday: Land in Mackay about 8:20am and collect our bag and rental car and off we go with map in hand but absolutely no clue as to where we are actually going or where anything is. Let me say I found this a little daunting and I was soon driving and Wyatt was navigating. We had made a few appointments with some agents to look at a few houses that we could afford (around $300 a week). Well the first one we went to smelt like cat pee, needless to say I was horrified that they expected to get $300 a week for this place that was so old and smelly. The real estate agent assured me this was not indicative of what was on offer for $300 dollars so that made us feel a little better. So off we set to look at another place. Well when I walked in I cried. Right then and there I was ready to get back on a plane and never go back leaving Wyatt to move up and live on his own. Devastated we soldiered on and went to another real estate agent and picked up some keys to a few houses. The first one was and old Queenslander, horrible kitchen but better than the ones I’d seen before but not what I wanted to live in. The second one we went into was not to bad or at least that’s what we thought when we walked into the house and found that it had a fairly new kitchen but we then walked into one of the front rooms and there was termite damage and holes in the walls. The third one was right next to a school hard to explain but the school was built around the house…not somewhere I want to live!

We then had another appointment with another real estate agent. We turned up at the house and backed out of the driveway so quickly it was not funny! By this stage I really wanted to come home. I then rang Cam who is a guy who flew up with us to look for accommodation as well. He is in the academy with Wyatt and is being posted to Mackay as well. I asked if he had found anything and he said not anything he would live in so we decided to find a place to share which would allow us to find a house that was a little more expensive.

The day got better from there and we saw some live-able houses (finally) and I was feeling a little better about the whole situation. By days end we were all buggered but had found 2 houses we wanted to apply for.

Saturday: We set of early to drive by some houses and we liked a few so we went back with Cam later. Found another 2 we wanted to apply for. One is fully air-conditioned which would be great and this one has not even been finished yet…it’s still being built so it would be cool to live in a brand new house. Anyway we finished looking around and applying for houses about 12pm and we then split and went our own way for the remainder of the day. I took Wyatt back to the hotel and went Scrapbook shopping…YAY!

Found a really great local scrapbook shop called Scrap Happy and the ladies that work there are just lovely. Really welcoming and friendly. They are having a retreat in August so I told them to sign me up. It should be a really great way to get to know people in the area. I also bought a few things from them.

Just love the colours in this Kelly Panacci stickers and fell completely head over heels for the new Cactus Pink range. Their new stuff is awesome and if you can get your hands on some I highly recommend it. I had heart palpitations when I saw this stuff.

Later that night we met up with Cam and his girlfriend and had dinner then we went back to their hotel to have some drinks. By this stage Mackay was starting to grow on me.

Sunday: No house hunting today! Yay! We just spent the day looking around and seeing things that we had not had a chance to see. We went to the markets in town and then out to the harbour. We also drove out along the breakwater and went to the beach for a look. Then we went back to the hotel and were really bored for a few hours. We watched TV and slept. We then discovered that we had not been out to Slade Point look-out so off we went. When we got out there (10min drive… everything is 10mins away in Macaky) and I saw the view I knew that I could really live here. Just stunning.

So all in all it was a great trip. I am really looking forward to moving now but we still don’t have a place to move to but hopefully by the end of this week that will all have changed. Once you get your head around it all it really is a beautiful place.