Having some feelings of being a little lost at the moment. When I start to think about why I'm feeling this way I can put it down to two things.

ONE: Just so overwhelmed with this move coming up. Wyatt only has just over 3 weeks to go and we don't have a place to live in yet. We don't know what date the removalists are coming in to do the big up-lift. I don't have a job up there the only thing we know for sure it that Wyatt starts work on the 25th of May. Those of you who know me well know that I like to be organised and in control and I am so not in control of the situation at the moment. Hopefully we will rectify the house situation this weekend though cause we are heading up to Mackay on Friday morning to go rental hunting. So I will keep you posted as to if we find something or not, fingers crossed we do cause if we don't we are stuffed. I guess the other thing that is getting to me under this heading is that everyone I have spoken to up there just give me the brush off and I get the feeling that it's just all to difficult for some of them and because were not there they don't want to deal with us…that makes me a little angry cause what are we supposed to do. I mean it's not like we can just pop up there whenever we feel like it.

Two: Having finished all my SAM projects for the month (out in newsletter this week) and finished my canvas which is for this weekends CC I am feeling like I have no direction when it comes to my scrapping at the moment cause I don't have any deadlines to meet and it has been so long since I have not had to do one project or another. So I decided to just scrap for me and this is what I came up with.

Have had all the product for this LO for ages, bought it at the papercraft festival. Photos are of my nephew Jakob when he came and stayed with me before Christmas last year. I took him to the Rocks Riverside Park and he had a ball just exploring and chasing lizards. This LO turned out a little plane for me but I still like it and I loved using so many photos on one page as I usually only use one large one. Really like the effect and might have to do this on my next SAM project I think. I also hand cut some stars to add a little bit of a funky home made feel to the page. I have also discovered that I am beginning to use product as it was not intended to be used which is fun. For example the word World in the LO I covered the Lil' Davis Chipboard letters with the border stickers that went with the Wild Asparagus papers I also cut the stars out of this as well.

Also went to SAM's this morning as I was excited they were open on a public hol and I could get there. Bought alot to the KI embilshment kits and some Alpha soups as well. Also picked up next months scrapper pack so now I have new stuff to play with and I think I might start on my next project as well.