I came to a scary conclusion yesterday that I am a complete and utter scrapbook magazine addict. I bought the new SC last week and just devoured it in a matter of days so this week I have been hanging out for a new mag to ready. When I say hanging out I really mean hanging out. I went to the newsagent on Tuesday but they had nothing new so I left disheartened and empty handed. Yesterday I really, really needed a new magazine. I could see all the LO's in my head that just needed to be looked at and I could feel the inspiration rushing through my veins, I just craved for some new material. I went to the newsagents again thinking that by now something new would need to be in….but NO there was nothing new in sight. I went up to the counter and asked when the new FK would be out and he said two weeks. Well if I was two I would have thrown a tantrum then and there…I seriously could not wait two weeks. Well I had made up my mind. I was going to have to go to a LSS and see if I could find something to read. I went thinking that if they had nothing new I was going to have to buy an idea book. A big expense I know but hey I was desperate. I got to one of the LSS and got out of the car and walked through the door and my face lit up. Not only was there 1 new mag but I saw 2. I had a look at both but ended up buying the new CK as it had a free mag with it that I had not read before. So not only did I get 1 mag to pour over I got another one for free. Hopefully that will keep me going for a while. But I have discovered I truly am an addict.

On other news went scrapping at Kerrin's last night with a few of the SAM girls. Had fun, not much scrapping got done but it was great to catch up and just chat and look at all the beautiful stuff that K got from the craft show.