Well as I have been on hols I thought I would take the time to catch up on some projects that I need to get done and since I got them all finished I thought I would get a jump start on next weeks SAM cyber crop challenge which was to scrap on a canvas.My problems started when I read the challenge. I have never ever scrapped on canvas before and was so scared to do so. Ironic I know since I am on a beyond the page design team but I still was really worried I would stuff it up so badly. I decided I was going to do it. So I started thinking, and had my canvas (a rather large one) and wanted to do something really different but I forgot that I am good at scrapping not at painting. You see I had this wonderful idea to paint all these swirls onto the canvas overlaping the photo and everthing. So I spent all last night tracing out the swirls then painting them. I went to bed about 11:30 unsure about wether I liked it or not but thought I'd sleep on it.

The sun rose and I awoke to breakfast in bed made by my DH but the outlook had not changed. I really did not like what I had done. So I pondered do I continue and put alot of time and effort into something I most probably will not like when I'm finished or do I call it the quits and start all over again. After a little thought I decided to do the second of the two. I threw the already started canvas in the bin and off I set to buy another one. I opted for a smaller one this time as I think half my problem before was that the canvas I was trying to work on was way to big for my first time. Still scared and worried about the end result I searced for inspiration and found these two LO's (the need for love and together everyday) by Elsie Flannigan and with these for inspiration off I set on my mission to successfully scrap on a canvas and like the final result.

So down I sat with all my supplies at the ready and worked for a few hours liking what I was seeing and finally with a few finishing touches I was done and totally stoked with the outcome. So no longer am I a virgin when it comes to scrapping on canvas and I think I may have to do another one really soon.

All you need is Love (canvas)

So there it is, I just simply could not have asked for it to turn out better. I am so happy with this and cant wait to hang it up.