Hope you all had a wonderful day today. Us we really don't celebrate Easter with all the chocolate etc we just see it a time to unwind and realx and have a break and boy have we ever been doing that. I have been spending alot of time catching up on projects (scrapbooking) that I have not had time to complete until now and Wyatt has been working on putting together a DVD for all of the people in his recruit group before graduation.

Also been spending some time surfing the net and have found two very inspirational scrappers. I have found that I only need to look at thier work and the creative juices get flowing. They are both American and I know alot of you are probably saying why is she not inspired by Australians…well I am but these two girls have really been doing it for me lately. The first is Rhonna Farrer who I discovered thanks to the wonderful and talented Ngarie. While I was reading her blog recently I clicked on a link to Rhonna's gallery and OMG she is just awesome. The other scrapper I have admired for a while but only just found her online gallery and that is the wonderful Elsie Flannigan who I think is just so blod in her art and I just love what she does. Make sure you take a look at these two talented ladies as they are inspiring me no end at the moment.

Now from me here is my LO for the SAM cyber crop this weekend it was a product challenge and I decided to shy away from my normal choice of safe colours and go for bold (as you can see or maybe you can't cause I cant work out how to make my pictures bigger without them becoming distorted, anyway you get the idea)… Ok so have replaced the picture with a larger one as my DH has sorted it out for me…So no more small pictures for this little black duck!

Jump Into Life