Well as you may have by now guessed (If you found your way here ok) I have changed blog sites as I was very unhappy with Xanga because they would not let you comment if you did not have an account with them. So I sent my DH on a search to find me a site where I could blog about my daily happenings but where you could also leave comments if you wanted to without having to sign up and he did it. He found this site which is excellent cause it's FREE! I accutally paid for my account with Xanga before they changed the rules about comments so I'm now down $50 so I really did not want to pay for another blog right now so it may not be as beautiful as someother peoples blogs but it is mine and that's all that counts. I may upgrade again in the future but for now this will do.

I do hope you all visit me here often and leave lots of comments cause I still do not know who accutally reads my blog and fingers crossed everything works out fine from here.

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter and enjoy your next to days off!