Apologies: Let me start by apologising to those of you who take the time to read my blog but are having trouble leaving comments. I really like the features etc with this site and recently they put into place a new rule that if you want to comment on a blog on the Xanga site you have to be a member or sign up to create an account. Stupid I know but now I'm stuck cause I have paid my yearly fee and I really don't want to waste that money so I think I'll stick it out. I do hope that you will stick with me and keep reading even though you can't comment cause I would hate to think that I would loose readers (because i have sooooo many! LOL) because of this problem. I have e-mailed them and told them how stupid I think it is but have not heard back from them.

Puppies: The puppies are doing great although Harley (mum) has had enough of them and I can't blame her as she did have seven. They are getting more and more active every day and thier eyes are open and they are even barking which is really really cute.
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Mackay: Still no news from Wyatt's training officer but we have planned and booked a trip up to Mackay on the Labour Day long weekend to see if we can find a house. No let me rephrase that to find a house! I have spoken to a few realestate agents up there and they have all said that ther are no houses meanwhile I'm sitting on the computer with 58 rentals in Macky showing up on realestate.com.au…guess we will have to just see what eventuates when we go up there but we really have to have a house at the end of that weekend. Wyatt has his last exam on Thursday and from next week he only has 5 weeks until graduation…It is all coming up so quickly and it is really starting to scare me.

Scrapbooking: Finally finished my A-Z and am so thrilled with it. Have even made my own album and emblished the cover with the title of my album which is "The Story of Us (Marni & Wyatt) from A-Z" So now all that's left to do is package it up and send it off….bit scared about this as I'm worried I'll never see it again. I have also had another lay-out accepted in SC so that is very exciting….bit over all the paper work though. As I'm on holidays until Tuesday next week I plan to scrap alot this week. I have a few BTP projects for SAM and some monograms for a swap overseas that are late (oops) to get finished. Oh and have finally downloaded the photos from our weekend away so will upload a few of them. The story behind the photos is that we decided to all go down to the beach to have a photo shoot but we all had to take our cameras so it looked like we were either loopy or waiting for someone famous to come by or even on a hen's night like some passer by asked.

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