What a Weekend!
Had a blast this weekend. I worked with Angela at the Papercraft Festival at the RNA on the Pride publishing Scrappy Chicks stand where the kids that came to the show with their parents could come and create a little something to take home with them. It was heaps of fun and has given me some business ideas for when we move to Mackay. So I am really excited to get up there and try to make a go of it. We also had a party on Saturday night. Wyatt invited all his recruit friends over with thier partners so we could all meet. It was heaps of fun and we even got SingStar out which was a hoot! Man some of those guys are funny!

On the scrapping front am going flat chat at the moment with so many things. I have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much I need to get done and not enough time at the moment but will have to keep at it cause I have deadlines to meet. I also got some very exciting news from Scrapbook Creations but you will all (like people read my blog lol) have to wait to hear about it until July! If I can keep it a secret that long! Anyway must go have some scrapping to do before I start dinner.