Hey Everybdoy, (still not sure if people read this but I can live in hope) My blog is now fixed fingers crossed. We use the web browser Firefox and because of that my blog looked ok in that but for those of you that use IE it was all wrong and cut off alot of text etc. So my talented husband helped me the computer illiterate wife to fix it and now it should be ok for everyone to view no matter what browser you use.

Things have been going really great for me at the moment I think part of that might be that I'm not so stressed about school at the moment cause I know that in a few months I am leaving.

For those of you who don't know our dog Harley had 7 beautiful puppies a week ago.
She is being a fairly good mum but we are just loving having these little fellas around. They are not walking yet and their ears and eyes are not open but the are just so darn cute. She had 5 boys and 2 girls 4 black and white (all boys) and 2 brindle (one boy and girl) and a red. Such beautiful colours this time round.


Really excited about this coming weekend. Going away with the SAM design team to Caloundra for a few days. We are going to crop up a storm and do alot of catching up and chatting I'm sure. I hope to get alot done. I only have 5 more A-Z pages left to do plus the front cover for my album so I can finally see a light.