What a week! Not really enjoying work at the moment and I really would rather be scrapping, but wouldn't we all?. On the scrapping front I am going great guns with my A-Z and now can see a light and know that I'm going to be able to get it done. I'm really happy with this album and am so glad that I decided to stick with it and get it done cause I now don't really care if I get any prizes for it cause I love it and Wyatt and I are always going to have it. I got another e-mail from SC and they want another LO so that is cool but it also turns out that one of the e-mail's I recently sent them was not the e-mail that they wanted. Their description of it in the e-mail they sent was wrong so I have to send them the other one now and they are going to publish the one I have already sent in another issue.

It is my DH birthday tomorrow so we are going out to dinner with his sister and her husband so that should be nice.

Going to crop with Jill tonight for the first time so it should be fun and I hope we can make it a regular occurance until we move.