Wow I can't believe how slack I've been with this blog. I guess it comes down to I'd rather be scrapping. I have been really busy in regards of my scrapping lately. I am madly working on my A-Z album for the For Keeps contest and with that and my SAM commitments I have been run off my feet with no time to blog. But enough with the excuses let me fill you in on what I have been doing. After having a short break from my A-Z I have been madly working on it again as the deadline is creeping up really fast. Still have quite a few pages to do but am finding them really easy to complete as the are 8.5 x 11.

I have finished and completed my first DT project for SAM and am really happy with it. I turned a lunch pail into a pail to house pamper products. If you want to have a look be sure to visit my gallery here. I have also finished one of my March projects but you'll have to wait to see that as it's being released in the a SAM newsletter on 24th March. Have also been having fun completing the cyber crops that SAM run as well it has been enabling me to complete some LO's I've had planned for ages.

Had two more LO's accepted from SC so that's very exctiting and these two I really like as well but it will be a while before they are published though.

On the home front I'm not feeling the best at the moment as I have come down with a cold. Feeling a bit miserable but I'm fighting on. We also found out that we are moving up to Mackay. Wyatt got his posting on Tuesday and we got what we wanted…Mackay. Little bit worried about the move but not worried about starting again…very excited about this accutally. Oh and I heard from a good source that they have a very passionate group of scrappers up there so I'm sure I'll be right at home.